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Our company was founded by a group of engineers specializing in the areas of static control, material handling, automation, testing, and chemicals. We’re happy to have been providing our services to the industry since the early 2010s. Mostori’s mission from the beginning has been to provide the best possible items at the most affordable prices. Mostori has always valued communication with its clients and has made an effort to make itself easily accessible to them. You’re not only receiving a piece of equipment in a box when you purchase a mostori product; you also receive personalized assistance from the time you make your first phone contact. Because our sales staff isn’t paid based on commission, they treat all customers the same, regardless of order size.Ionization is a useful technique for discharging insulators and isolated conductors. Therefore, ionization is crucial in limiting the effects of electrostatic discharge.We provide polyurethane electronic potting solutions for use in mostori battery management systems to preserve delicate PCB circuits.Performance, dependability, and safety are all guaranteed by our proprietary potting chemicals. Your battery management system will keep batteries functioning in safe and efficient ranges because protective resins designed to perform under harsh settings. Problems that often arise while deciding on or creating an ideal potting or encapsulating compound are addressed.

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